Application Consulting Heat Insulation Paint

Weather conditions

* It does not rain, no strong wind.

* Temperature of 15 degrees Celsius or higher.

* Humidity no higher than 85%

 560x 226

Surface preparation

* Clean, removing rust flaking materials

* Fill cracks and holes, cracks sealed.

* Wash the surface with clean water. If necessary, use a mild detergent suitable, then rinse with clean water.

  Surface preparation bowl brick, concrete

* New Wall

+ Let dry completely at least 21 days.

+ Putty putty. For exterior walls to outdoor use waterproof putty.

+ Flatten by rubbing sandpaper

* Old Wall

+ Scrape peeling materials

+ Sealing cracks in plaster walls and flattened by rubbing sandpaper


Prepare to apply

* Stir the paint

* If the specific process can be mixed with 5% water

Application of heat insulation paint

* Use brush, roller or spray gun

* The first coat should be thin layer. After 1-2 hours apply next coat when sun shining.

* Negative are 2-3 layers reaches the level 2 to 2.5 M2 / L dry film thickness equivalent at 0:25 to 0:35 mm.

Applying by Spraying Machines

Use GRACO Ultra Max II 795 or equivlent.

Cleaning up

* If using a brush or roller, then wiped off excess paint volume. Wash tools with water. Can soak brushes or rollers in clean water for tomorrow.

* Use a spray supplement: spray paint the entire content in pipes and nozzles. Clean water loaded into the tube and spout off.

560 x 226