Factory maintenance, repair to spark ignition into the foam ceiling killing many people.

The cause of the fire was identified by the refiner in the repair to spark ignition into the foam ceiling. Ceiling fire and fire quickly collapsed so many people trapped inside hugged each other dying in the bathroom.

chay xuong san xuat banh keo o hanoiAround 10:30 am on July 29, people along the National Highway 32, Duc Thuong Commune (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) startled by a loud bang. Rushing to see Bui Minh Quang (39 years old) found smoke fire from the confectionery factory just one home away from him. 4-5 workers in the workshop shouting out loud, cry for help.

Knowing that the trapped inside, the neighbors hurried to grab the crowbar and hard objects breaking the wall by the front door many obstacles, others pulled the fire cock but failed.

After about 5 minutes, Mr. Quang and many people beat the wall, a hole was opened adjacent to the steel shop next door, two holes are open behind the house. "We each stood in a position to send the victim out, a group in the field, and I stood outside the holes have been cleared," Quang said.

Mr. Quang held two young men out of the respiratory and transferred to emergency. Two victims still awake but burn all over. "I came back to pick up another victim, just a few steps away, this person died in my hands scared me," his voice lost.

chay xuong san xuat banh keoAfter bringing the three victims out, rescuers could no longer access the scene due to fires flaring more intensely. "Tens of meters away, my face was burning and I could not breathe," one narrator recounts.

According to Quang, five young workers who worked at the factory ran out the door but returned "apparently to take the phone." They just ran into the loft loft to seal the door, then they were found hugging each other dead in the bathroom.

One former employee of the workshop said that there were 22 young workers working on the factory day, and Ms. Tam serving rice. All activities, accommodation of workers in the workshop. When the fire occurred, this man saw Ms. Tam running out but then she turned to "turn off the gas stove" should die.

The fire brigades at the scene, the head of the fire department (Ministry of Public Security) said, "Most victims were found at the back of the workshop, black body, Hug and lie close together ".

Given that many of the victims were not able to escape, he assumed that the fire burned from the middle of the workshop to the main door, the temporary structure of the workshop with steel frame, corrugated roof, loose ceiling should collapse very quickly, loft also collapsed. The only escape. "If this workshop designed a rear-exit door, it would not hurt," he insisted.

Major Nguyen Tien Nam (Head of Fire Prevention and Fighting Department No. 13) added that "the fire is mainly spongy, nylon, insulation should speed fire quickly, spread to the whole workshop". Nam said that nine people were lucky escape.

After a fire of 3 hours, seven people were found dead in the house. Three people were rescued when one died afterwards, two critically ill people were treated at the National Burn Institute. In addition to the 55-year-old woman who died, the remaining victims were men aged 15 to 27 years.

The cause of the fire was identified by the refiner in the repair shop to spark ignition into the foam ceiling.

The burnt production facility is sandwiched between a steel mill and a three-storey house, with a single entrance, a 7-meter façade. Inside the base there is a loft and a worker's place of residence.

According to vice chairman of Hoai Duc district People's Committee Do Duc Trung, this 170 m2 confectionery factory is owned by Nguyen Van Duoc (25 years old). Most victims are non-local people who are related to the owner. Initially, the district supported each victim died 3 million and held a visit to the injured.

(Sources: vnexpress.net)