Advice On Heat Insulation Paint

INTEK Heat Insulation Paint is water-based heat-resistant paint dedicated heat insulating remarkably effective easy to use, does not subclass workability. Can be applied by brush, roller, spray gun.

With INTEK Heat Insulation Paint, we can paint on tole roof, roof, walls of buildings, houses, factories,  ... the part with reference to the sun to minimize heat absorption prevents spread to the house.

 560x 226


Methods of using INTEK Heat Insulation Paint:


Option 1: The new tole roof, corrugated roof has roof but no rust
Clean the surface, painted 2 -3 INTEK Heat Insulation Paint equivalent thickness 250-350 microns according to norms 8M2 / L / 1 coat
Option 2: The roof has rusted corrugated
Remove rust, wash with clean water.  First coat applied by  INTEK anti rust primer, then apply 2 or 3 coats of INTEK Heat Insulation Paint.
Option 3: The roof was painted corrugated need repainting.
Removing the coating does not achieve good adhesion, clean sanitation.
- The rusted area should use INTEK anti rust primer, then apply INTEK Heat Insulation Paint
- The none rusted area, apply as option 1.
Option 4: For concrete walls to welcome the sun direction: First coat dilution of about 15-20% water. The next layer of normal paint, if special needs 5% dilution with clean water.